Portable EFRW No Transformer QRP Antenna



This is a hand made ultra portable antenna for use with portable radio. This works especially well when paired with a QRP rig with built in tuner or with an ATU such as the Elecraft T1 or ATU-10. The low profile makes for a small package enabling great portability and quick deployment.

Tuner and Radio NOT included.

Please let me know if you are interested in a different configuration. With wire, without, different length, etc. I can look at offering different configuration if there is interest.

The Winder is Printed in ASA and can handle the elements but is not intended for long term or permanent outside installation.

The winder is 2-5/8" x 5" Talk about portable!

If you order with Wire, you get No 26. Poly-Stealth Antenna Wire and 2 clips for the setup. This is high quality, barely visible wire. Wire length if included in selection is cut to length and terminated with banana connectors at the transformer and loops at the opposite ends.

Select "Assembled 17' 35' Wire" for a fully assembled wire winder with one 17' counterpoise wire and one 35' radiator.
Select "Assembled 17' 41' Wire" for a fully assembled wire winder with one 17' counterpoise wire and one 41' radiator.
Select "Assm 28.5' 28.5' " for a fully assembled wire winder one 28.5 ft counterpoise wire and one 28.5 ft radiator.
Select "Assembled No Wire" for the fully assembled with BNC connector and banana connectors ready to solder to wire.
OR make a Kit selection witch are NOT assembled, you get to have the fun.
Select "Winder only" for just the QRP winder.

Assembly Instructions are not available for the random wire at this time. Please see the EFHW kit version instructions found here: tinyurl.com/tufteln The difference is the winding and addition of the counterpoise. Winding instructions are easily found by searching the web and Youtube videos can also be found.

Assembly Instructions for the kit version coming soon and will be found here: tinyurl.com/tufteln

International Shipping is not warrantied but tracking is provide through ETSY.

If you are interested in shipping to another country not listed please message me to ask.