EFRW Antenna 9:1 Transformer



This is a hand made EFHW Antenna with a built in 9:1 Transformer. This is incredible for POTA, SOTA and other portable/field operations. Setup in any end fed configuration you like.

The Winder is Printed in ASA and can handle the elements but is not intended for long term or permanent outside installation.

The Ferrite Toroid is a F130 2 mix 100w SSB and 50w digital.

If you order with Wire, you get No 26. Poly-Stealth Antenna Wire and a clip for the end. This is high quality, barely visible wire. Wire length is longer allowing you to trim to the portion of the band you like or simply fold it back at the end.

Select "Assembled with 71ft Wire" for a fully assembled wire winder with 71 feet of wire and an S clip, Ferrell and heat shrink if you want to put a loop on the end.

Select "Assembled No Wire" for the fully assembled toroid assembly with BNC connector.
"Kits" are NOT assembled, you get to have the fun.
Per request, "Toroid +Winder..." is just the winder and a toroid with no wire winding.
Select "Winder only" for just the winder.

The 9:1 unun transformer can be use on other "random wires" as well. Please note the photo with a spring clip, the clip is not included but shows how to easily connect to random wires or even a downspout gutter on your house. An isolator may be desired as well (not included).

Please note the end of the wire is not terminated with a loop as shown in the photo. If selection is made with wire, a ferrule, heat shrink and clip is included to terminate the end after trimming length to desired frequency and SWR match by the user.

Assembly Instructions for the kit version can be found here: tinyurl.com/tufteln

International Shipping is not warrantied but tracking is provide through ETSY.

If you are interested in shipping to another country not listed please message me to ask.